Monday, June 25, 2012

Butterfly Card

A really quick post ...right from my desk : )
I made a super quick birthday card for someone at work.
Ingredients: brown base card by Hot Hues, design paper by K & Co., some gems, and a butterfly punch by MS.
Hope you like it!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Never Lose The Advantage of Solitude"

     Whew!!! That, was a long title. Today's post title is actually a quote that I had encountered forever ago somewhere that I could not even remember. I cannot remember when, how, or where I got it...but I cannot forget the quote itself because I felt and still feel a connection to it. 

A solitary bird along the Hudson River in Bayonne, NJ
       Being alone does not necessarily mean "being lonely". I think we all need our own little space sometimes.

     We walked along this Hudson River Waterfront Walkway almost all the way to the end and back (with frequent stops to take snapshots here and there and to give Ysa time to admire the beauty around her including the tiny crabs she saw underneath the bridge).....

Hudson River Waterfront Walkway in Bayonne, NJ

 .....and the solitary bird was still there! Same spot. Just looking around as if seeing the world for the first time.

Not a care in the world.

     I wish we all have the courage to be alone once in a just stay still and be not worry about "what's next"...and to stop chasing time. 

     Let us never lose the advantage of solitude.



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

School's Out!

     School's out, yay!!! This means, at least for the next 2 months: no running around and rushing myself for afternoon pick-ups and no homework. 
     Ysabella doesn't want to go to camp this year, and we cannot force her to go if she is unwilling. We made a deal with her, though...she will register for 2 of these: Arts and Crafts, Music, or Sports (preferably Tennis). I told her that  if she doesn't do anything or engage in any activity during the summer, her brain will be rotten by the next schoolyear : ). I guess 2 or 3 days of summer classes per week will do. I also got her some activity books to complete just to keep up somehow. I hope it helps to make her transition to 2nd grade a little easier in September.

On Father's Day...headed for Sunday Mass.

This morning...on our way to her sitter.
 Her first Monday out of school!
See how happy she is?!?

This the Shoprite Parking Lot.
She helped me load our grocery bags into the car.

     I guess this is how she wants to spend her summer days... simple, no classrooms, no rules, no teachers, just hangin' out with Mom, or Dad, or at the sitter's house, or with the kids in the neighborhood (who wouldn't want that???) We'll let her be...for now. She deserves a break. She'd been a very good student, after all. And WE ARE PROUD OF HER.

     As for's out, yaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!! Now I can breathe.

Happy Summer,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yet Another Father's Day Card

     I know...I'm having a Father's Day Card overload...but inspirations are everywhere, and I can't help it! So just enjoy this temporary craziness with me. Until the next one comes. : )

     My friend Tina was requesting for a Father's Day card that wasn't too formal, so here it goes:

Dad's Day Card with a Mug o' Beer

      I can't think of anything more funky than this. Read on for the ingredients.

  • Blank Card and Envelope from Recollections
  • Assorted cardstock papers from my stash
  • Mug image from Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cricut cart.
  • Alpha cuts from Birthday Bash Cricut cart.
  • Cuttlebug for embossing the blue mat paper (I think the folder is called "Diamonds"...I'll get back to you on that, to be sure)
  • Gold and Perfect Pearl glitter mists (to mimic sparkling beer, it's just hard to see the effect on the photo but it's really cool up-close)

     Okay....I promise this is the last one : )
      I wonder what's next...maybe back to summer-themed projects? Perhaps another mini album? Or maybe a July 4th project...that could be a fun one. We'll see. I'll keep you posted!

Bye to Father's Day Cards,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Father's Day Cards

     More Father's Day Cards!

A mustache, a vintage car, and a neck tie

Same cards, but I took  the photo outside so you can see
the actual colors.

The tie.

Printed sentiment.

The mustache.

The vintage car.

      Thanks for being here!!!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ysabella's EOSY Keepsake

     It's done! I created 18 summer-themed bookmarks for Ysa's class, as her EOSY (end of school year) keepsake for them. Turned out really cute. I plan to make 18 small cards or maybe tags to accompany the markers before I put them in small cello bags.

Ysabella's EOSY Keepsake

     I chose to create bookmarks to promote summer reading. So my design was summer + reading = a sun & beachball bookmark!

Sun from Luau Cartridge. Beachball from a clipart collection.

A simple sentiment on the back of the sun.

Beachball in front. Sentiment on the back.

A little label for the kids' names.

Text Effects to shape the words.

I printed the clipart on white cardstock.
Love the colors!

I used jumbo craft sticks for the base, edged with Ranger's
Spiced Marmalade.

Bookmark in action : )

Hopefully the kids will put it to good use.

     The design can be altered depending on the can use cupcakes, owls, or holiday themes. Quick, simple, and cost-effective! : ) Thanks for coming!



Saturday, June 9, 2012

Work in Progress

     Currently working on Ysabella's EOSY (End Of School Year) keepsake.
     I'll show you the finished product once I'm done.
     'Hope your weekend's great!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Father's Day Cards Details

     I'm back! This time I want to share the details on the cards I made for Father's Day. The first one is Cricut-free...I just used a design paper that goes well with the theme. It's gray and black with gears. It's from Tattered Time by DCWV. I stamped "FATHER" using  Papertrey Ink's Mega Mixed Messages set. I used a brad that looks like a screw to embellish the title. Simple and quick.

A Cricut-free card using paper from DCWV's Tattered Time

The "screw"- looking brads add to the manliness of the design.

      The rest of the cards have some Cricut on them : ) Read on...

This is from Wrap It Up, card feature. I've always wanted to
experiment on mustard and dark blue colors.

Cameo from Victorian Romance. Title cut from Heritage.

Cameo and title from Heritage.

Title from Celebrate with Flourish. Flowers from Recollections.
Ribbon is a generic Micahels brand.

     The cards were very easy to create. It's the colors that were more challenging for me. Perhaps because I don't use them as often. But, they're just as fun to work with! Thanks for peeking!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Father's Day Cards Mania

     It's Cards Mania once again! I had to take a break from the summer or luau themes to make way for another important occasion in our lives...Father's Day! 
     I made 5 cards. I challenged myself to use different color combinations to see how they'd come out. So far so good : )

An overview of my latest projects

     The next photo shows one of the cards in which I used a left-over banner piece from Ysabella's birthday last April. I was actually looking through my paper stash when I saw this and I figured, I can dress it up and convert it to a card! I scored the top layer about 1.5in. from the top before glueing that part to the top of the banner base (kraft). I was able to create the "card fold" in that manner. The message or greeting can then be written on the banner base (see next photo). I wanted to put a flower to make the piece prettier but I didn't want it to look so girly so I chose vanilla and blue colors to do that. The "#1 Dad" comes from "Celebrate with Flourish" Cricut cartridge.

A banner card
     Here's how the banner card opens up. I hung it on a little door knob to show you another way to present it. This way the recipient can take it to work and proudly hang it somewhere in his office!

The message can be written on the banner base.
It can also be hung anywhere in the house to surprise Dad!

     Here's the rest of the cards...

Love, love, love the Cameos!

      I'll show individual photos of the cards on my next post. So hang in there!

Thanks for coming,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY Manila Folder Luau Guest Book

     The quickest project I made, ever...a Luau Party Guest Book! And yes, it's still for the little lady who's having her Luau Party today. I made this project in a little less than 3 hours. This morning. The party? Today at 3pm. Whew! Well, sometimes my brain functions better when I'm pressed for time.

     I kept everything simple:
  • Manila Folder for the book cover (sized to about 8x9)
  • Copy paper for the pages (a dozen)
  • Word Starter for the texts and hibiscus clipart
  • Brads for attachment
  • 2 Cricut cuts
  • Some nice patterned papers

The title (hawaiian font) and inside pages (beach font).

Hibiscus Clipart just to dress up the pages a little.

I used various summer colors to "prettify" the cover title : )
(Is "prettify even a word?!?)
Title printed on white cardstock.

Tadaa! Umbrella and  Leaves from 'Life's a Beach".
Background paper from Recollections'  "Surf's Up" paper pad.
I inked the edges of the title and cover with Ranger's Shabby Shutters.

The inside pages. Super simple.

A simple clipart can dress up a page without over-crowding it.

The back cover. Paper's from the same collection.

A closer look. Simple and pretty!

     So there you have quickie guest book. 'Hope you liked it!

Aloha from NJ,