Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Card Holder for a Personal Trainer

Here's a gift card holder I made for a coworker who needed something specific for her personal trainer. Turned out really cute!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gift Card Holders

Happy Thanksgiving!
Finally, I finished some projects : )
I created these gift card holders for Christmas. 'Been on the lookout for something quick and easy but couldn't find one that I really like. So...I made my own! I'll post a video that shows each one in detail... hope you like'em!
Gobble Gobble!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Starting Over

     It's been a little over two weeks since I last posted. It seems just like yesterday. My mind had been blank and I just could not bring myself back into writing, or creating anything, for that matter. I feel like I'm just going through the motions of everyday life.
     Today, however, feels a little different. Chris, Ysabella and I were in Church this morning for the Sunday Mass and I guess it helped to connect with people of the same faith, those with thoughts, intentions, and longings too deep to even verbalize. Just being in the same place as they were was enough reminder that LIFE GOES ON, even if you have to start over. And over.
     A day after my last post I headed for JFK International in NY to attend my mother's wake and funeral services in the Philippines. During the hours between hearing the news about Mom's demise and checking-in for my flight I tried my best to be functional...especially around Ysabella. She needed me to be functional. It was hard, but I had to act as though everything was okay. The moment Chris and Ysa left me at the airport, I just let everything tears, but I felt so numb and small and overcome with sadness. I went through the airport procedures like a robot. It was unreal. It was my first time to ever travel alone and the 20-something-hour flight was simply overwhelming. The closer I got to my destination, the more fearful and nervous I became, for it was a reminder that what happened had really happened and that Mom's actually, really gone.
     The first sight of Mom lying in her casket was just too unbearable. I cried like I never did before. I felt like a 5-year old abandoned by her mother. Too many regrets, what if's, what-could-have-beens, apologies... they all came raining down upon me. I would never want to feel that way again.
    Like what I said in my last post, knowing that Mom is now free from pain and suffering offers some kind of comfort. I'd like to hold on to that.
     The day before my return flight, I spent some time with my sisters (brother's busy with work). We had a special dinner, and goofed around for the most part of the night until we fell asleep. In the same bedroom. I cannot remember the last time we ever did that.The following morning, before I headed for the airport, we had breakfast together, and goofed around some more. We kept the atmosphere light, despite the pain and sadness that we knew we would all have to face on our own. Grieving together is so much more bearable than grieving alone. Unfortunately, we do not have that privilege. My sisters live about 2 hours away from each other and I, obviously, live in an entirely different time zone. Needless to say, I savored those last few hours that I had left to spend with them. I think our loss had driven us closer together.
     I arrived at past 1am on Friday, October 26, and seeing Chris and Ysabella after a week of being away was such a welcome and comforting sight. I rested in the hours that followed and that same day, with jet lag and all, Ysa and I went to pick up some goods in preparation for Hurricane Sandy (whew!)
     So Hurricane Sandy came and went, and left an awful lot of devastation. Lives had been lost, properties damaged. I am truly grateful that our home had kept us safe and secure. We're okay except for the power outage that left us sleeping in the cold. Our driveway gate was damaged but that's nothing compared to what other people went through and are still going through.
     Losing my Mom was and still is heart-breaking. Experiencing Hurricane Sandy was scary. Standing in Church this morning to hear the Good News and reconnect with others was necessary - my heart and soul needed it. All three were wake-up calls. Losing Mom brought me closer to my family. The hurricane enabled me to appreciate what really matters, taught me through others that material things are so temporary, that candle-lit dinners are way more fun, and sticking together can beat the cold. Being in Church this morning  made me realize I am not the only one in pain; others are grieving, too, and trying to cope. Listening to the Gospel and Homily reaffirmed my faith.
     The last two and a half weeks were so difficult I would never wish it on anybody. But here I am...starting over, embracing life like it's a heaven-sent gift. I was numb for a while, just automatically functioning, crying in between. But today I danced with Ysa, sang a song...and I am writing this post. These don't mean that the sorrow is will be around for a while, I will just handle it better. I think Mom will be proud of me.

It's good to be back,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goodbye, Mommy

Dear Mommy,
     I am deeply saddened that you are now gone. I wish you could have seen Ysabella at least one more time. I wish you were strong enough to have been able to come and visit my little family here. I wish I had called you more often. I wish I was more patient and understanding with you...there's so much in my heart that I wish for...for you and me. 
     I am so sorry for not being with you when you needed me most. I am sorry for not being with you enough, for not being able to show you how much I really care and love you.
     The only thing that comforts me is knowing that you are now in peace, far from all the pain and suffering that you were going through. I never want you out of my life but if finally leaving us behind had set you free from all the pain you were enduring, then I would embrace the sorrow and grief that losing you brings.
     Just let me cry a little bit more, Mommy...then I will be alright. 
     Thank you for everything, for all that you were and still are to me. I would not be here without you. Thank you for your love, patience, and guidance that helped shape me into the person that I am now. 
     Ysabella never had the chance but she wants to tell you she loves you, too.
     I love you, Mommy. You will forever be in my heart.

Always and Forever,


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tombstone Tag Mini Album - the photos

     I just thought I'd share some still shots of my latest project, the Tombstone Tag Mini. For more details, you can watch the video below, in my last post before this. Enjoy!

     Thanks for coming by!


Tombstone Tag Mini - the video

     It's done! My first halloween project for the year, a Tombstone Tag Mini. Enjoy the video!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Project

My project in the making... a Halloween Tag Mini in a Tombstone Box. Almost done! : )


Friday, September 28, 2012

Memories Mini Album

     Hey everybody! Happy Friday! Super quick project share, my Memories Mini Album, another autumn-inspired project. Enjoy the video!

An Autumn-Inspired Mini Album

     Hope you liked it, thanks for being here!

Happy Weekend,

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Vintage Lock and Keys

     I found this at TJ Maxx...I just had to grab it. Loooove the vintage look!

Vintage Lock and Keys

     Just thought I'd share my happiness : )


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Splendor - up close

     Just thought I'd share a close-up photo of my Autumn Splendor Mini Album. I looove the colors. It just makes me so happy : )

Autumn Splendor Mini Album

    Have a nice week ahead of you!


Autumn Splendor - a mini album

      Here's another fall project I created last night - Autumn Splendor, a chipboard mini album. Quick and Easy. Hope you like it. Enjoy!    

     Any questions or comments are welcome!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Mini Smash Book

     I made a mini smash book! It feels good to create something where anything goes : ) Enjoy!

Happy Weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2012

We're A Pear - a mini album

     Happy Monday!!! I am back with another mini, this time a shaped one! I used the pear-shaped raw chipboard books from Michael's, covered the pages with pretty papers, and made the title out of Cricut (Just Because Cards). So cuuute!!!!!

     Have a great week!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life's Beautiful Mini Album, Cards, and a Tag - the video

      Hey there! Okay, so I created more projects using Recollections' Floral Foliage Paper Pad - 2 cards and a tag. I included them in the video I just uploaded that shows my latest mini, "Life's Beautiful." 

     Thanks for being here!


Life's Beautiful Mini Album

This one's a quickie. Done in one night. Ingredients: Floral Foliage papers, some ribbons,  some stamps, a book ring, flowers with a gem. The end. : )
I'll try to upload a video of it later.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Harvest Scrapbook Layout

      Hi everyone! Just a quick post...this layout is included in the video below, but I thought I'd show some close-up photos so you can see it in detail. Title is Harvest, and it's a 12x12 layout that's meant for a 4x6 photo. Papers are from Tim Coffey and the tag title is from DCWV. Leaves and ribbon from Michael's and buttons are from my long-forgotten box : ). Like I said in the video, I used corrugated cardstock for the base, which came out really neat. I miss 12x12's!!!

     Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hot Pink Leaf

Good morning!
I just wanna share with you all a pretty sight that greeted me this morning... a beautiful sign that autumn is almost here!

Have a nice day!

Fall Projects - the video part 2

     Here's part 2 of my Fall Projects Video. Watch Part 1 below, if you haven't seen it yet.

     Comment if you can. Thanks for watching, and for visiting my blog!


Fall Projects - the video part 1

     It's finally up and ready! I just wanna share with you a video of my latest projects. Enjoy! Comment! Share! : )

     Thanks and watch out for Part 2!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

     I am so excited to show you my latest "tiny" projects! I figured that starting some autumn projects on a smaller scale will help me to gently bid summer goodbye and slowly ease into the fall season. Although autumn seems to be the "most beautiful season" for most (with the gorgeous colors it brings), it is the season that gives me the most migraines : (. I really don't know the correlation between the two (hmmm...maybe I should do a research on it) but for some reason, I consume more headache/migraine pills during autumn. Oh well...that's okay. It could be worse, right? That is why, I created a few projects that will help me embrace the changing of the seasons with open arms! : )

     I found these itty-bitty canvas sacks at Michael's and I figured, they're perfect for putting small tag albums in! 

The sack is perfect for tag albums.
My tags were 2.5 x 5.1 inches.

     So that's exactly what I did. The canvas pouches come in 4/pack. Tag albums are super quick to make and in 1 day I was able to create 2! One has photos already (I plan to keep it...a good reminder of how blessed I am) and I left the other blank for now as I might give it away as a gift. Here are some photos of the 1st one I created...the canvas sack says, "Be Thankful"'s just so perfect!

Tags are Recollections. I used 7 here, including the one
for the title. 

"Gratitude" stamp from Inkadinkado.
I use some old stickers, die-cuts, and felt leaves from my stash.

I collected photos of what I am thankful for, and
I placed journal cards on the back of each page.
I have yet to write on them, though.

      Here are the materials I used for the 2nd one...

I used Tim Coffey papers, ledger papers for journaling,
and some stamps. 

     Here are the photos of the 2nd one... it's an accordion style tiny book, so cute! And so easy to make, too! I kept this one a little bit more simple.

"Thankful" Tiny Accordion Book

     I'm so happy with how they came out. "Hope you liked 'em , too!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

School is Cool - the video

   Okay, so here's the video of my latest project, a back-to-school mini album called "School is Cool". If you can, please leave a comment, so I'd know how I'm doing : )  Thanks!


School is Cool - another back-to-school mini album

     Hi there! Here' another back-to-school themed mini I created...School is Cool. I used the same paper collection as I did with my 1st one, the Smarty Pants Mini Album, which is the Edumacation Stack by DCWV. I will post a video of this album shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

     See you in a bit!