Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ysabella's 8th Birthday Party Preparations here are the photos I promised to share. These are the stuff I made as part of Ysabella's 8th Birthday Celebration which was movie-inspired. Please see related post below for a peek at the party.

     Let's start off with the save the date cards, invites, and TY tags. Note that the invites were not matted yet when photos were taken. I matted them on black cardstock eventually. I created them digitally...and had so much fun!

TY tags

Save The Date cards

Invites (I haven't matted them here yet)

Quick and simple...and super inexpensive, too!

     Now on to the party banner. I tried not to go crazy because as I mentioned in my last post, the party room was small so there wasn't much to decorate. However, I still wanted the banner to emphasize the party theme so I made one that had the look of a filmstrip! See photos below...

Black poster board, white copy papers

I cut the letters out of my Cricut

Forget the traditional "Happy Birthday"...
I wanted it to be a little different : )

Laying the characters down

Embellished with movie-inspired party decors
from Party City

Another party decor I used to
emphasize the theme



      For the favors or goody boxes... since the party was movie-themed, it was only fitting that I used popcorn boxes! : ) I purchased them from a dollar store for 2 boxes/dollar. I originally thought of making them out of my Cricut but since it would be paper-based, then it won't last so long. The popcorn containers can be re-used over and over so I thought it was more appropriate, especially if the kiddos were to watch home movies.

     I hope you liked my party decor ideas! If you have any questions, just leave a comment.
     Like the tag said...thanks for popping by! : )


Ysabella's 8th Birthday - A Movie Party

     Hello everyone! I've been wanting to share these photos eversince Ysabella's 8th Birthday Celebration was held but I just could not find the time to sit, sort the photos, and blog about them. But, here they are! So Ysabella celebrated her 8th birthday with a movie-themed party in our local theater almost 2 months ago and she and her friends had a blast! The party was small-scaled as compared to the one she had last year (pictures of which you can also find in a post from April of last year). The party room was small and could only hold so much kids and decors. Nevertheless, I wanted it to be special and memorable.

     First, Ysa and her friends had a pizza party along with some ice cream cake and then they set off to watch The Croods. They all had their kiddie meals and they occupied an entire row in the theater and they looked so cuuute!!!

     For the party decors, I mainly used movie-themed tablewares I purchased at Party City. I made a party banner that had the look of a film strip. Then for the favors, I purchased some popcorn boxes from the dollar store and filled them up with candies and toys. I made the save the date cards, invites, and favor tags myself. I will post about them separately. 

     Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

Birthday celebrant Ysabella with her movie clapboard : )

Movie-themed Ice Cream Birthday Cake by Carvel

Time flies...can't believe she's 8 : (

Delicious cheese pizza 

Movie-themed tablewares from Party City

Kiddie Meals for the movie

Delighted, excited!

Filmstrip Banner I created

What was in the popcorn favor boxes

My materials

The favors won't be complete without chocolates and
of course...popcorn!!!

Goody Boxes in the making...

I made the Thank You Tags for the favors

A closer look at the movie-inspired TY tags...
so fun to make!

     I will post some more photos of the other stuff I made for the party such as the save the date cards and invites. Ysabella's party this year was super simple and quick to put together yet she and her guests had a really great time. Not to forget, I myself had a blast planning and preparing for it! : )

     Thanks for being here!


Favorite Memories

A super quick mini album I made as requested by my coworker Pinky.